Azhar Khan

Bio: Mr. Azhar Khan's career spans decades of business experience including current Chairman of HN Enterprises LLC, USA Commercial Real Estate Company since 2004. He is also is Chairman of AppLabs Trading LLC, an international Trading & Consulting company, Chairman of BJK Mining involved in Gold, Diamond Mining exploration & Trading of Coal in Indonesia. Azhar is a citizen of the world having lived in over 25 countries. Previously he managed and owned various companies on a global scale including Land Planning Group International LTD., Hong Kong, Continental Trading LLC, Investment Banking firm in Los Angeles, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. (Applications Development)., Philippines, United Art Gallery,(Handmade oil paintings with over 100 Artists in Bali, Indonesia, US Properties Inc., Avon Luxury Cars at Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, Holiday Inn Hotels, Oil & Gas Income Producing wells in Cisco Dome , Utah and various franchising companies around the world. He has advised multi-national companies including Presidents, cabinet level government officials and government agencies. Due to poor family financial situations, Mr. Khan left his home and his family in the mountains of Azad Kashmir at the tender age of five. He did not see his Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters again until age eighteen. During this time he moved to Pakistan, then England and on to United States. At age of 11 he began work cutting Chickens under miserable conditions in Bolton, England. Having come from a background of limited opportunities, facing all types of situations a person could encounter in many lifetimes of good, bad and ugly, his advice is to "Never give up" regardless of your circumstances and to find the jewel of adversity. Mr. Khan is a graduate of Metropolitan State College, Denver Colorado with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management. His hobbies include travel, enjoying life and helping people make their Dreams come true, who have a positive attitude in life and are willing to work hard with full focus. He enjoys sports (Soccer) follows, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool & American Football (Denver Broncos). He enjoys Dancing to Electronica Techno music around the world. He is Chairman of http://www.applabstrading.com and http://www.goldenavatarmgmt.com and World Gym Franchisee in Toronto, Canada. (www.worldgym.com)

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